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The CIPR is uniquely positioned to connect Indigenous people with legal needs to our network of pro bono and/or low-cost licensed attorneys when litigation is necessary.


The CIPR does not directly represent clients at this time. 


The CIPR provides technical assistance and consultation to tribal communities seeking to formalize and operationalize their governance structures. Tribal communities engage in nation-building efforts for a variety of needs ranging from preserving their culture, to pursuing economic development opportunities for the tribal community.


The CIPR both leads and supports legislative efforts that advance the rights of Indigenous peoples and tribal communities. 

The CIPR works with regional law schools to develop coursework, provide experiential opportunities for law students, and to cultivate a pipeline of Indigenous legal practitioners.


The CIPR is experienced in conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution methods ranging from Indigenous practices to formal mediation.  The CIPR can also support the removal process of active legal disputes from a non-tribal forum to tribal court to encourage the use of an Indigenous community's conflict resolution system.


(note: every case is different and the CIPR makes no guarantee that a case is removable).

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